Apex Construction Program 

The Architecture and Architecture course is applicable to contractors and construction company employees. People who work in sales in construction companies or have their own construction business. The students of this course can work in Australia from the beginning. The income from work in the construction industry is very high. Compared to other professions, the opportunity to apply for public relations is not difficult. The course starts with Certificate III and there are many subjects to choose from. For example, carpenters, glasssmiths, painters, etc. Each college has different subjects. After completing the Level 3 certificate, students can continue their studies. Level 4 Certificate in Architecture and Construction and Diploma in Architecture and Construction.

Certificate III

Students can choose to participate in elective courses and become interested professional technicians. The introductory courses for Certificate III are as follows (depending on the school).
-Bricklaying and Masonry
-Civil engineering
-Electrical (Electrician)
-Furniture and Interior Decoration (Furniture and Home Decoration)
-Glass and Glass
-Painting and Decoration
-Floors, plastering, and tiles
-Plumbers, etc.

Certificate IV in Building and Construction

This course aims to improve key skills in working in medium-sized construction companies. Starting to find a job in the construction industry.

Diploma of Building and Construction

This course aims to meet the needs of those who wish to become architectural professionals and coordinate construction. Our job is to review the construction overview, including selecting contractors, reviewing construction quality, and coordinating with clients.


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Construction Program