Marketing and Communication

Marketing communication courses focused on digital marketing are now in the era of social media. Marketing not only means promoting products or brands, but also includes management strategies. Internal and external. The course details are as follows:

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication (40-44 weeks)

Modern marketing course. What is the key to marketing? Learn skills and techniques. This course aims to lay the foundation for students’ communication and marketing. Develop an understanding of consumer behavior, leadership skills, and marketing networks.

Diploma of Marketing and Communication (52 weeks)

Learn how to make the most of social media. Develop a Marketing plan. Diploma course Professional knowledge in digital content and social media marketing Engage in creative professions related to communication and marketing, learn the use of social media, and learn and practice in modern business environments. Achieve success in the marketing and communication industry, enhance professional knowledge in communication, marketing concepts, and media planning.

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